Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Darkest Hour

I felt dumber after watching this.

My rating: 1 and a half reel out of 5

In Moscow, five survivors of an alien attack seek to find refuge. The unfortunate thing about some of the survivors is that they are a little on the dumb side. There is a scene where a couple of the characters open the trunk of an unlocked police car with a crowbar. I'm not familiar with Russian culture, but I'm pretty sure they would have a trunk release switch somewhere in the car. But the characters obviously reflect the intelligence of this plot-hole filled unintentionally hilarious movie. 

The Darkest Hour is another sad attempt of alien invaders coming to earth and wreaking havoc. The aliens are near invisible. If you watch closely enough you can see a flicker of light or the surge of electricity as they pass by unpowered instruments. See it quick enough and you just might survive being turned instantly into dust. If you're one of the main actors, you'll luckily survive a little longer in the aliens' grasp as they decide to drag you a little bit before they do you in. There are other limitations to the aliens but some of these points are forgotten in order to create more action and speed the story along. 

There are some good things about this film. Cinematography was nice, they made the film look good. They used the science behind Faraday Cages correctly. Special effects are pretty good. Um...the film is short. But among cheesy dialogue, plot holes, and "WTF" moments, these values hardly salvage this movie. 

You'll probably like this movie if:
1. You like B-movies. 
2. Your expectations are really low. 
3. You've never seen a movie in your life!
4. You want a good laugh.

You will probably not like this movie if:
1. You want a certain level of intelligence in a movie. 


  1. LOL it looked way dumb so thank you for seeing for me! ;)

  2. This movie has so many glaring plot holes and departures from rational thought, that I found this blog by searching for "darkest hour plot holes". I promise I'm not "that guy", you know what I mean, the jaded movie-grinch who takes life WAY too seriously, and seemingly takes pleasure in sniffing out every possible departure from reality in every movie they watch, but I couldn't go 10 minutes without bursting out in laughter after witnessing yet another derailment from any semblance of rational thought. Unless I'm watching a documentary, I fully expect movies to take advantage of the fact they don't have to fall in line with reality. We watch movies BECAUSE they don't follow the boring rules we all live by every day, they're a 2 hour vacation to a universe much more exciting than our own, but I DO expect the movie I'm watching to follow the rules and guidelines they themselves made.
    You must have been in a good mood when you gate it a reel and a half, because this steaming pile is why The Razzies exist. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh, but I don't want the studios to mistake any money it makes as a sign they produced something that people want more of. The next time Hollywood wants to blame the drop in revenue on people pirating movies, they should be required to watch "The Darkest Hour". You can't put out crap like this and be surprised when people don't line up, cash in hand, to consume it.